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Cultural Festivals & Celebrations

We strive to hold the celebrations annually that our dear Malaysians hold close to heart, be it Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Merdeka. This is so that Malaysians in Germany can feel closer to home and not miss out on the connection they grew up with. 


Every year we hold an official Hari Raya event at the Consulate in Frankfurt and/or Embassy in Berlin that everyone is welcome to attend. Good Malaysian food, good festive atmosphere and opportunity to mingle with other Malaysians are what attendees can count on. 


In recent years Merdeka was celebrated with our Negaraku Vibes Festival (NVF). There, attendees can enjoy performances, games, and even a Talent Show! Participants eager to show their talents or their patriotic spirit are more than welcome to register.


On a more local level however, Malaysian communities in their respective cities also hold their own celebrations. Should you be interested in joining such events but have no clue where to find them, feel free to contact us and we’ll connect you to the right people!

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