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Join our annual event and don't miss out on the chance to live the experience!


Every year we organize the sports day or officially called Rentap, where over 300 students from all over Germany participate and come together in one place. The main idea is to strengthen our friendship, socialize, promote a healthy lifestyle and help relieve stress besides the hectic life as a student. Our first Rentap was in 2008.

MGSS Rentap



Virtual Rentap

Date TBA

Take the Challenge and join other in Virtual Rentap this year!

Virtual Rentap
Outdoor & E-Sport

Organized yearly just like Rentap, the E-Sport version of Rentap hosts several virtual games ranging from FPS to Chess. Usually held at the end of the year, this event pitches our student gamers all over Germany against each other in friendly competition. Prizes are of course for the taking!

Coming soon

Career Fair

Done in Collaboration with MARA, the Career fair is a workshop aiming to inform the students on preparing for the professional life. Those preparing for internships, work or their thesis will find it extremely useful. The event also offers students networking opportunities, as many other Malaysian alumni will are present.

MGSS Career Fair

Cultural Festival & Celebrations

We strive to hold the celebrations annually that our dear Malaysians hold close to heart, be it Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Merdeka. This is so that Malaysians in Germany can feel closer to home.

Vibes Festival

Missed Merdeka in Malaysia? Then make sure you join this event, NVF is all about Merdeka vibes in Germany. a variety of Merdeka-themed challenges will be set up during the week of Merdeka to remind us what it was like back in Malaysia. 

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