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How to get there?

CDC Hansaring.

If you take the train, find connections to the Hansaring Station. There are two options, either going by

​S-Bahn or U-Bahn. Then you have to walk around 5 min to CDC.

What you can have for lunch around there?

​There are varieties of restaurants in walking distance from the school. Between the Hansaring station to CDC there is also a Bakery (Mr. Baker) and if you need something more filling, there is also the best Döner place called “Mangal” near Hansaring .


What specific ticket or app city is used for transportation?

What is the price of the Monatsticket?

You will probably buy the Monthly Ticket (64,10€ / Monthly) from KVB by using your Student Card from CDC. If your friends are coming for a visit, Tagesticket is the best alternative that you can get for the best price.

How to renew your Monatskarte ?

You can renew your ticket at any Ticketautomat Station. Choose the Azubi/ Schüler Monatkarte.


Where to buy halal meats?

Karadag or at any turkish Market. There are also halal Chicken available at Norma with brands from (Gut Langenhof).

​Where to buy products from Asia?

  • Ho’s Supermarket,

  • Go Asia,

  • ​Heng Long Asia Supermarket,


Where is the nearest mosque for Friday Prayer?

  • DITIB-Zentralmoschee Köln (Haltestelle Ehrenfeld Piusstrasse)

  • Hamza Moschee (Haltestelle Wienerplatz)

  • ​Islamische Kulturgemeinde Köln (Haltestelle Kalk Post)



​Top Asian Restaurant :

  • Thai Food am Dom, Thai Imbiss, Okini

Top Halal Restaurant :

  • Phatburgers, Istanbul am Dom, Bey Döner, Beirut Restaurant

Shopping centre :

  • Neumarkt, Appellhofplatz, Heumarkt(Hard Rock), Köln Arcaden

Electronic store : Media Markt, Saturn

Fan Tea: Comebuy near Köln Hbf

What ist the best things to do on weekends ?

  • Rheinpark

  • Schokoladenmuseum

  • Seilbahn (seasonally)

  • Annual event that ususally takes pace in the city : Karneval

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