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How to get there?

For first-timers in Berlin or in Germany, taking public transportation time can be really intimidating. First of all, remember to have your ticket with you at all times, in case of random inspections on the train. For tickets without a date or time, it is important that you insert the ticket in the stamping machine before boarding.

You may take all forms of trains, trams and busses with your ticket, including regional trains (RE, RB, etc.) and the Airport Express (FEX), but excluding high-speed rail such as the Intercity Express "ICE" and most Intercity "IC" services, as long as you travel within your specified zone.

You may travel with your Monatskarte on certain IC Routes, which can be found in the link below:

Now how do we get to IIK?

IIK is best reached by taking the Tram line M13 or 50 to Osram-Höfe. Usually, right before classes begin, many other students from IIK would disembark from the Tram as well, hence making it easy to simply follow them from the tram station to the Sprachschule. However, if you are not sure, simply cross the road to the nearby block of buildings and walk along the path until you see Netto. Then, turn right into the small junction where you will see a small police station. Walk straight to the end where you will find a lift, with the sign telling you that IIK is on the 3rd floor. From there, just take the lift to the 3rd floor.

On top of taking the Tram, IIK is also easily reachable on foot via the U-Bahn lines U6 and U9.

With the U6, you will stop at Seestraße. You may choose to either walk along the Tram line (not on the tram tracks of course! XD) or take the M13 or 50 Tram to Osram-Höfe (just 1 stop away).

With the U9, it is a bit more complicated. You may choose to stop at Nauener Platz and walk to IIK (less than 10 minute walk), or stop at Osloer Straße and take the Tram. The U8 also stops at Osloer Straße.

If taking the S-Bahn is more convenient for you, the Tram connects to Bornholmer Straße via the S1, S2, S8 and S26, and Schönhauser Allee via the Ring Line (note: the Tram stop is down the road).

If in doubt, there are maps located at the stations or you may use Apps such as Google Maps, City Mapper, BVG or DB Navigator.

Wi-Fi is also available in all U-Bahn Stations!


Via Tram: M13/50 Osram-Höfe

Via U-Bahn: U6 Seestraße or U9 Nauener Platz

Via U-Bahn + Tram: U8/U9 Osloer Straße

Via S-Bahn + Tram: Bornholmerstraße or Schönhauser Allee

What you can have for lunch around there?

As IIK is located in more of an office area rather than a commercial one, there are rather few choices for food nearby. However, if you don’t mind a little walking or travelling, then there are many choices nearby!

For short breaks or if you simply do not want to go all around town, head over to Netto where you will find more than enough food for snacks and plentiful choices of affordable pastries such as a Croissant. There is also a bakery inside Netto if you fancy something "heavier".

For bigger meals, you can take the tram to Seestraße or Osloer Straße, where there are many small stalls (Imbisse) located in or nearby the stations. If you walk towards Nauener Platz, you will also find a handful of restaurants and Imbisse.


What specific ticket or app city used for transportation, price for Monatsticket?​

  • Typical ticket: Zone AB Monatskarte or 10-Uhr Monatskarte (if your class is in the afternoon). Price changes yearly, about 80+€ and 60+€ respectively.

  • 80€ Monatskarte and 30€ 7-Tage Karte are "Umweltkarte", meaning, you can bring 1 adult for free on weekends and after 8pm on weekdays.

  • Apps: BVG, DB Navigator, CityMapper (recommended), Google Maps

How to renew Monatskarte :

  • Any Ticketautomat, Bus Driver, Kedai Runcit with BVG or DB logo.


Where to buy halal meats?

Netto near IIK has a halal meat section. Else, just visit any Turkish/Arabic supermarkets. Nearest is near U-Bahnhof Nauener Platz.

Where to buy products from Asia?

GoAsia, Vihn Loi, and many more


List of nearest mosque from Sprachschule:

Omar Moschee (near to IIK Residence @ Adalbertstr.)



  • Malaysian Restaurants : Seri Melayu

  • Indonesian Restaurants: Mabuhay, Nusantara, Tuk Tuk

  • Top Halal Restaurant : Risa, Mustafa Döner (warning: expect 1 hour queue)

  • Other Restaurants (non-Halal): Burgermeister, Curry 36

  • Shopping centre : Kurfürstendamm, Alexanderplatz, Mall of Berlin

  • Electronic store : Media Markt, Saturn

  • Comebuy, and many more bubble tea shops

  • In summer, try Eiskaffee and ice-creams!

What you can do on the weekend?

  • Potsdam (only 1 hour away)

  • IIK Workshops and Tours

  • Parks: Mauerpark, etc.​

  • Annual event usually take place on that city :

  • The calendar from IIK always includes the events that take place in Berlin every month. For example, in May, there is Karneval der Kulturen which is a massive parade of performers from various cultures all around the world, located in Kreuzberg and reachable on U-Bahn via Mehringdamm.

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