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Checklist before you fly to Germany

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Here is a checklist, which is passed down from our seniors from year to year. This list would help those of you who are still wondering what you'll should bring along to Germany. This list is just a mere recommendation and it would be optimal if you know what the weather & the season would be like upon your arrival at the airport. For example , if you arrive in January it's the winter season here and so having your long johns to change at the airport Germany would be optimal.

Check-In Lugage

  • ​​Personal clothes

  • Shoe( formal and sport)

  • Socks (winter + normal)

  • Shirts (formal, tshirt)

  • Sweaters

  • Long johns

  • Gloves

  • Slippers( indoor and outdoor)

  • Cable Extension

  • Ear cap( just in case in gets too cold)

  • Scarf

  • Jeans

  • Mütze

  • Traditional costume.

  • Medicine (*very important,have a list of you allergic reactions as well)

  • Stabilo colour pen (recommended)

  • Prayer item


  • International adaptor

  • Lip balm

  • Lotion/body cream

  • Ubat gigi berus gigi (for transit)- small tube is better because for international flights the security is very strict ** please check the allowed amount of liquids before you pack,the latest information can be obtained from the airlines websites.

  • Winter jacket *carry it along,it would be cold upon arrival itself.

  • At least one pair of clothes for changing

  • Bendera malaysia

  • Books

  • Earphone,powerbank ( new rule from oversea state that powerbank must be handcarry )

  • Buahtangan dari malaysia

  • Towel and basic toiletries

  • Foods

Laptop bag

  • Laptop n charger

  • Phones and all devices with batteries

  • Passfotos : white (20)

  • Passport

  • Flight ticket

  • Ori medical report

  • Financial afidavit

  • Surat tawaran

  • Resit pembayaran visa​

  • Sijil - ielts, berhenti sekolah (rendah n menengah)

  • Sijil Spm

  • German Language Certs

Here are some things that we like to add.

  • You don’t have to bring all Certs here .Personally I feel the most important ones will be given to you by CDC like SPM Cert.So just to play safe just scan all your certs and bring it as a soft copy.

  • Ausmat Notes.Although you’ll would be learning everything in German the notes could be useful to refresh and might be a great help to understand things better.So try to scan them and bring it as well as soft copies.

  • Stationaries: Pls try to bring all that you need from Malaysia because stationaries are pricey here in Germany because when it some to certain things we still do the mind conversion thing and in that case it is expensive here.There are cheap ones but I am not sure about the quality so we advise you’ll to bring enough supplies to last.

  • Spectacles! To those wearing ,bring a spare as well and to those who feel like you’ll might need it in the future please do your checkup and get one in Malaysia itself.It is expensive here as well

  • All electronic items are cheaper in Malaysia so it’s better to bring from Malaysia

  • Foods! Please bring the special spices and curry powder and also other things which you can get in Malaysia. Most things can be bought in Asian Markt in Germany but not the same curry powder , or pastes. Eating outside every single day would not be a good option if you’ll want to save money. You’ll would be cooking very often so bring things that are necessary.

These are just some information. Before we left, I personally had so many things I didn’t know about and too many questions about everything.So if you’ll have anything to ask at all remember we are always here for you’ll. Feel free to contact us. Make this group active as well so everyone gets the information.I wish you’ll have a good time in Malaysia and see you’ll soon

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