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​How to get to Sprachschule via Straßenbahn (Tram)?

  • Download MOOVME App

  • Choose Leibnitzstraße as destination

  • The Sprachschule is just around the corner from the Haltestelle Leibnzistraße

It's lunch time and what can you get around there too eat?

  • There is a Döner shop right across the street from the Sprachschule (Name of the shop: Ali Baba Kebab)

  • If you feel like going for a light snack, there is a Netto nearby, where you can grab To-Go snacks or pastries.

  • There are also plenty of pizza shops near the Sprachschule


What specific ticket or city app is used for transportation?

  • Monatskarte (Tickets can be purchased at Bahnhof. Some Haltestelle also have machines to purchase tickets.)

  • App used: MOOVME & DB App

Price of Monatskarte?

78,90 Euro


​Where can you buy halal meats?

At the Eisenbahnstraße there are a lot of halal restaurants and halal supermarket available.

Trams available to Eisenbahnstraße: (Aussteigen at Haltestelle Hermann-Liebmann-/Eißenbahnstraße)

  • Linie 1 (Richtung Schönefeld)

  • Linie 8 (Richtung Paunsdorf-Nord)

If you happen to stay at Grünau area, Eisenbahnstraße will be very far. However there is one halal shop at Grünau. At Grünau there is a shopping centre called Allee-Centre. The halal shop is located in front of the Allee-Centre.

Missing the taste of home? Where can you get the Asian groceries?

There are 2 Asianmarket you can find at Leipzig Zentrum:

  • At the Zentrum there is an Asia Bistro -> The Asiamarkt is inside the Asia Bistro at 1. Obergeschoss.

  • Mekong Asiasupermarkt


List of Moschee?

  • DITIB - Türkisch islamische Gemeinde zu Leipzig (Pure Turkish without translation)

  • IGS - AM e.V. (Arab with german translation)​



Top Asian Restaurant or Top Halal Restaurant

  • Furat at Eisenbahnstraße (Halal)

  • Long Food at Höfe am Brühl

  • Sushi & Nem at Höfe am Brühl

  • GoPalast Leipzig (An all-you-can-eat chinese Buffet restaurant. They serve a lot of seafoods too. ​Something for the muslims to enjoy too.)

Shopping centre

  • Höfe am Brühl

  • Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

  • Leipzig Zentrum

  • Allee-Center


Best to visit and to do on weekends

  • Kulkwitzer See

  • Cospudener See

  • Markkleeberger See (slightly far)

  • Visit the Völkerschlachtdenkmal

  • Visit the Leipzig Arena

  • Walk or jog at the Clara-Zetkin-Park (In front of Leipzig Arena)

Annual events that usually takes place in the city

  • Leipziger Marathon (usually in April)

  • Open-Air Concert Leipzig (usually in Summer)

  • Weihnachtsmarkt


  • Dresden (1h 50 min with train)

  • Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz (2h with train)

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